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Foundations of Kinection™

Elevate your ability to communicate and connect.


What our past clients have to say about ADVO

From the Executive Director, Pediatric Hospital, Los Angeles

Jacki DeLanders

Public speaking is a daunting task for me. Working with Greg and Peter from ADVO helped me get out of my head and to focus on the goal of my presentation.The course covered a lot of information, delivered in concise sections that were easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. But it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments and receiving individual feedback. They have enabled me, coached me and given me confidence to implement new techniques. I didn’t just learn “how” to communicate but “what” and “why” also became much clearer. So grateful for the opportunity to work with ADVO and improve my presentation skills. Greg and Peter are the greatest!

From the President of Angeles College

Lloyd Sun

Working with ADVO has made a huge impact on me. To realize my fullest potential by being more self aware, and using the tools I discovered from the sessions to better communicate and connect with audiences...thus building up my confidence in work and life. It has been an amazing learning experience.

From the President of Q-POINT HEALTH

Lisa Stevens Anderson

The ADVO team provides actionable immediate feedback on strategies and tactics to communicate vital business information. Their ability to understand your business model, regardless of the industry, and help you deliver powerful messages will leave your audience waiting for more!

From the CEO of Equality Health

Hugh Lytle

Wonderful experience – hampered by a rushed environment but ADVO added tremendous value to our management presentations. Thank you for your work with both me and the team. I will certainly recommend ADVO to others.

From the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work

Neva Wallach, MSW, Dean’s Leadership Scholar

I’ve worked with ADVOgroup for three different presentations, each one more challenging than the previous. Their feedback, coaching and guidance has contributed to taking me from a rookie speaker to a presenter with purpose. I cannot share enough good things about the time I’ve spent with Peter and Greg. They leave me feeling inspired and empowered each time we meet.

Here's the problem.

A recent 2020 survey found that the top reasons why people leave their jobs include:

  1. An unsupportive work environment
  2. Having a bad boss
  3. Unpleasant coworkers

ALL of these issues are communication related.  We know that communication makes or breaks a company's culture.  So why aren't we getting better at it?

Here's the solution: Foundations of Kinection™

This is NOT your Grandpa's communication training course. This is convenient, fun, actionable learning to improve morale, trust, and performance in a 21st century workplace.

  • Micro-Coaching

    Our solution for the busy professional who doesn't have time for hour-long coaching sessions. Introducing MICROCOACHING: small but powerful doses of communication, leadership, and connection advice. Take a 5-minute break and transform your next work call!

  • Edutainment

    This is not your cookie-cutter, snooze-fest of a corporate coaching course. We like to think of it as part-ENTERTAINMENT, part-EDUCATION. Et voilà! Edutainment. We'll make you laugh just as much as you learn. It's our guarantee!

  • ADVOtools

    We will share with you a set of tools for enhancing your communication and connection skills. Use what works to build your ADVO toolbox! Commit to the process, and challenge yourself to improve!

Course curriculum

Preview the first course module

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


    • 1.6 CONTEXT: The Words That Use Us

    • 1.7 ACTION: Operation "I think."

    • 1.7a ADVOchallenge: Tracking "I think" in others, and in you!

    • 1.8 OUTCOME: The Degrees of Confidence

    • 1.9 ADVOchallenge: Make the Choice to Defeat "I think"

    • 1.10 Tuning Your Awareness: What's your verbal default?

  • 4


    • 1.11 Your Mindset! Moving away from a Low Stakes Mindset!

    • 1.12 CONTEXT: "Can I be any more BORING?!" The Low-Stakes Default

    • 1.13 ACTION: Adopting a "Greater Than" (>) Mindset!

    • 1.14 OUTCOME: It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's...YOU!

    • 1.14a ADVOchallenge: Share your Superhero name with 3 People!!! And US!

    • 1.16 Module 1 Wrap-Up!

  • 5



    • 2.1 CONTEXT: "Could You Be a Little More Specific?"

    • 2.2 ACTION: Your Impact Phrase!

    • 2.2a ADVOchallenge: CRAFT your IMPACT PHRASE!


    • 2.4 ADVOchallenge: SHARE YOUR IMPACT!

  • 6


    • 2.5 CONTEXT: What do I want from you?

    • 2.6 ACTION: SAY | FEEL | DO

    • It's Pop-Quiz Time! (I mean, was there any doubt?)

    • 2.6a ADVOchallenge: Try out the 5G FRAMEWORK!

    • 2.7 OUTCOME: MODELING Active Objectives

  • 7


    • 2.8 CONTEXT: "Now that you know what an objective is...."

    • 2.9 ACTION: Next Level SPECIFICITY

    • (Another) QUIZ (what FUN!): Choosing the SUCCESS OBJECTIVE!

    • 2.10 OUTCOME: Your Turn...or "Allow us to introduce you to..."

    • 2.10a ADVOchallenge: Allow us to introduce you to...

    • 2.11 Module 2 Wrap-up

  • 8

    Module 3: CONNECTION

    • 3.0 The Final Push!

    • 3.1 From the Page to the Stage: Getting Ready for Connection

    • 3.2 CONTEXT/ACTION/OUTCOME: The Rusher -- ADVOtool: The Moment Before!

    • 3.3 CONTEXT/ACTION/OUTCOME: The Scanner -- ADVOtool: Mind Grenade!

    • 3.4 CONTEXT/ACTION/OUTCOME: The Monotoner -- ADVOtool: Thot Seat!

    • 3.5 Rehearsal for Kinection™!!!

    • 3.5a ADVOchecklist & Broken Down Motivaction Speech

    • 3.7 YOUR TURN!!!

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Principles-based, behavioral development that lasts. Inspired by the world of acting and the principles of performance.

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