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What to expect from the Kinection Academy

This is NOT your Grandpa's communication training course.

  • Micro-Coaching

    Our solution for the busy professional who doesn't have time for hour-long coaching sessions. Introducing MICROCOACHING: small but powerful doses of communication, leadership, and connection advice. Take a 5-minute break and transform your next work call!

  • Edutainment

    This is not your cookie-cutter, snooze-fest of a corporate coaching course. We like to think of it as part-ENTERTAINMENT, part-EDUCATION. Et voilà! Edutainment. We'll make you laugh just as much as you learn. It's our guarantee!

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Foundations of Kinection™

More from the Kinection Academy is coming soon!

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Our Kinection™ methodology empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to communicate with greater impact by leveraging powerful principles from the world of acting. Principles-based, behavioral development that lasts.

Discover on-the-go

Can't get to your computer? No worries.

All of our Kinection™ Academy courses are optimized for mobile. Take us on the subway, on your lunch break, anywhere there's wifi.

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